Ariak Electric

Saturday 15 August 2020 فارسی
1 - Design and Installation
1. Designed to address possible fire alarm system and conventional all buildings and hangars and factories according to international standards (VDS, UL, LPCB, BS) 2. Face to face and non face to face advice on the classification zone, detector selection and systems 3. Wiring maps and the location detector installed in accordance with accepted standards and customer request and Iranian culture Iran, according to the standard manual and AutoCAD design as customer request 4. Ariak company offering 20 years experience in the fire alarm system approved by the customer with the company being organized by Tehran Fire 5. Installation of company provided systems Ariak 6. Advice on upgrading installed systems and consulting in the development of fire alarm system .
2 - Service & Maintenance

1. Services and maintenance types of fire alarm systems in there despite the diversity of different models BS 5839-1:2002 standard and relevant guidelines 2. A permanent 24-hour surveillance, weekly, monthly and yearly 3. Elimination of defects, repair and replace equipment .

3 - Special Service In addition to design services, installation, consulting, service and maintenance and preparing equipment and sales, providing educational seminars and question and answer about the systems and international standards and safety matters and guidance systems for late-foot customer request .